CLI is developing fun activities for parents of young children (birth to age 5) to help parents support school readiness.

About CLI Engage:

CLI Engage is a comprehensive professional development and progress monitoring platform for pre-k teachers in Texas public schools, charter schools, and Head Start programs. CLI Engage offers free access to professional development and child progress monitoring tools and resources originally developed for use with preschool teachers participating in the Texas School Ready Project (TSR). Developed by the Children’s Learning Institute at UTHealth in partnership with the Texas Education Agency and the Texas Workforce Commission, the TSR Online tools and resources on CLI Engage are available for free to all school districts, charter schools, Head Start programs, Texas School Ready participants, and Texas Rising Star certified providers. Children’s experiences with language set the stage for their ability to communicate with adults and peers, build vocabulary, develop comprehension skills, and learn about real world experiences through books and hands-on activities. Language and literacy includes being able to recognize the sounds and letters of language and expressing oneself through both speaking and writing. Providing opportunities for children to practice language and literacy is crucial to later academic success.


These new activities are a part of CLI's CIRCLE Activity Collection, and are available for free on CLI Engage! Just visit to view, click on the parents icon, then click on 'Activities for Kids' and download the activities! This new series of classroom activities accompanies the classroom activity collections for preschool, infant, and toddler teachers.