Parent/Child Incorporated uses a text-message notification system through the mobile phone networks to update parents quickly and efficiently. This is the easiest and most-effective solution for PCI to quickly and accurately communicate with you, the parent. We are committed to you and to your child's education and safety.

Notifications will be sent for the following reasons:

  • Emergency notifications are used during critical incidents where a child, staff member or parents safety is in immediate jeopardy such as cancelations, delays, lockdowns, evacuations, relocations, and other emergencies due to the weather, power outages, fog or other unforeseen circumstances.

  • Routine notifications do not directly affect the safety of students, staff or parents. These notifications include important upcoming events.

To signup, text "JOIN" to 210-441-3161 from your mobile phone.

Importance of Accurate Contact Information:

The most important thing parents can do is verify the accuracy of their contact information for the text notification to work effectively and efficiently. The notification system will send a text message to the mobile phone you specify. Please be sure to keep your contact information up to date.