Jacob Hill, President

Veronica Rios, Vice President

Alexandrea Templeton, Secretary

Lee Ann Garcia, Treasurer

Monica Selvera, Parliamentarian/Chaplain

Policy Council:
Policy Council is the parents' voice in major program decisions including such items as our recruitment plan, personnel policies, budgets, and funding proposals. Each PCI Early Learning Center elects Policy Council Head Start and Early Head Start Representatives and one Alternate according to the approved Policy Council Makeup and By-Laws. These individuals represent their Center Parent Committee at monthly Council meetings and report what is not deemed confidential during the monthly parent meetings. The Policy Council, along with the Board of Directors through a shared governance system, ensures PCI’s Head Start/ Early Head Start programs remain in compliance with federal regulations. The Policy Council meets monthly at a date and time set approved by the Council.

Policy Council Responsibilities:

Must attend monthly meetings and notify staff and their alternate in advance if unable to attend.
Attend Shared Governance Program Meetings and training.

Approve and submit to the governing body (Board of Directors) decisions made at monthly Policy Council Meetings.

Be an advocate for all PCI Head Start/Early Head Start families and ensure that the best interests of the agency are taken care of and protected.
Participate in the Agency’s Annual Self-Assessment.

Attend and facilitate the Center Parent Committee meetings and provide the leadership and assistance needed.

Serve on working committees that help the PCI Head Start/Early Head Start programs.

Scheduled Meetings:

Meetings held at 1223 Brady Blvd at 6:00 p.m.

January 15, 2020

* Denotes changes in regular meeting date from the 2nd Wednesday of the month. Dates are subject to change