August 8, 2019

Leading with Affirmation: PCI...Success through Affirmation: Think it, Say it, Believe it, Do It! is the theme for Parent/Child Incorporation 2019 CEO Convocation, August 7th at Tripoint Event Center located in San Antonio, Texas. PCI's thirteenth convocation event provides professional growth for educators and supporting staff at all levels. The CEO Convocation sets the tone for the new year.

The ceremony began with an exciting dance introduction featuring UTSA incoming student Mr. Kip Love Jr. and PCI's very own CEO, Executives, and Cabinet. The convocation theme inspiration was inspired by PCI's CEO, Dr. Sharon Small former years as a Teacher and Principal, where she encouraged staff to lead with her positive affirmation and the outcome will lead to success. Small also encourages, staff to inspire a lifetime of learning in our children and families. Small's remarks reinforce how staff should deeply care about the success of our children and families we serve.

Special thanks to our keynote speaker Former City Councilman, Art Hall who shared his humble beginnings to a successful Harvard Law Graduate with the help of a few key influential people who made a difference in his life such as his parents, and a math instructor.

During the convocation ceremony, Leadership PCI Graduates took center stage as well as the new 2019 Leadership PCI Inductees. The 2019 Education Center Coordinators who won the title ECC's of the Year include the following: Education Center Coordinator (HS) Ms. Edelmira Bivins and Education Center Coordinator (EHS) Mrs. Mary Pemberton. Congratulations ECCs for a job well done!