August 13, 2019

Greetings PCI Early Head Start, PCI Judson sites and PCI Southwest!

Welcome back to an exciting school year! I hope your first day was a good one learning about your children and getting to know your parents. There may have been a few tears here and there (and not just from the children), but it’s only the beginning! So look forward to more positives to come. Remember to say the Success motto/affirmation daily to and with your children. Begin using it day one. I guarantee it will make a positive difference over time! We’re going to have a great school year!


I’m a success and I know why,

My motto is to try, try, try

To do and be my very best…

That is why I’m a success!

Dr. Sharon M. Small  

Chief Executive Officer/HS/EHS Director

MEd, MA, PhD