Parents have the right to:

  • Be supported as the primary educator and nurturer of their child
  • Be listened to and treated with respect and dignity at all times
  • Ask questions and receive information on any aspect of the Head Start / Early Head Start Program including daily operations, policy-making, and budgeting
  • Express concerns about the program without repercussions to themselves or their child or children
  • Express needs and interest and expect a response from the program regarding those expressed needs
  • Offer any opinion or suggestions regarding any part of the program and to receive feedback on those suggestions and ideas
  • Participate as little or as much as is comfortable
  • Be treated as an equal with the staff in supporting the educational goals of the children
  • Know that all information gathered will be kept confidential
  • Welcomed and encouraged to participate in their child’s classroom and or other center activities at any time
File a Complaint:

Head Start is required to have procedures for resolving parent/community complaints – Performance Standard 1304.50 (d) (2) (v). These are the steps to follow if you have a concern or problem regarding your child’s services in the Head Start Program:

  • First, discuss the concern or problem with your child’s Education Center Coordinator.
  • Second, discuss the concern or problem with the Head Start/Early Head Start Coordinator Mrs. Mary Doxie at (210) 475-5125 or by email
  • Third, if the concern or problem is not resolved at this level, please contact the Chief Executive Office/Head Start Director’s Office at 210-226-6232 for further instruction.

At each site, a copy of the Head Start Performance Standards, The Texas Child Care Licensing Manual, and The PCI Head Start/ Early Head Start Administrative Guide Policies & Procedures Manual are available to you for review at any time.