Adult Code of Conduct

We want every Head Start/Early Head Start site to be a happy place where children can find an atmosphere conducive to learning and to enhancing their self-esteem. We want every site to be a welcoming place where staff and parents can work together for the welfare of children. Therefore, the following policies will be observed:

  • No child will be subjected to physical punishment while on Head Start premises by any staff person, parent, volunteer or visitor.
  • No child will be subjected to verbal abuse, name calling, ridicule, or cursing by a staff person, parent, volunteer, visitor while on Head Start premises.
  • No harsh words, cursing, or other abusive language will be exchanged between adults in or around the site, especially in the presence of children.

No threats will be made by any adult to any other adult in or around the site. PCI is a smoke-free environment. No smoking is permitted on any Head Start/ Early Head Start premise, which includes the parking lot area. Any person unwilling to abide by these policies will be required to leave the premises. A conference will be held with the person or person involved and appropriate Head Start staff to determine the necessary action. Action may include permanent dismissal of staff, children or parents from the Head Start/Early Head Start Program. In cases where cooperation cannot be achieved, the proper authorities will be contacted for further action.

Special Notice:

Picking up children while under the influence of drugs/alcohol is considered inappropriate by our program.If a parent/guardian appears to be under the influence of drugs/alcohol or impaired, the program may call other persons authorized to pick up the child. If the adult appears to be so impaired that the child would be placed at risk of serious and immediate harm, the police will be called.

Important Policies

Confidentiality: All enrollment information provided to PCI is kept CONFIDENTIAL. Every Child/Family File is kept in a locked cabinet and only authorized personnel have access to the file. There are instances when information in the Child/Family File may need to be released. If a parent requests information to be released, he/she must do so in writing. If another agency or PCI is requesting for the information to be released, the parent/guardian MUST SIGN the “Consent for Release of Child/Family Information”, “Authorization for Release of Child/Family Information”. No information will be released unless the procedure listed above is completed and has been authorized by the Head Start/Early Head Start Coordinator. In addition, no information will be released to persons not listed as part of the household. Information will be released to a                 non-custodial parent who provides a legal document stating he/she has a right to such information. Any concerns pertaining to the child enrolled will only be discussed with the parent or legal guardian listed on the application.

Right of Access

Head Start strongly encourages parents to participate in your child's preschool experience. Parents/guardians are welcome at the center at any time. Head Start is here to support your family.

Child Abuse Reporting Policy

The staff, who work with your child and family, care about your health, safety and well-being. We are required by law to report suspected child abuse or neglect. Being a parent is no easy task and we are here to support you by offering guidance in alternative discipline techniques and resources to parenting classes and other useful workshops.

Head Start staff is required by state law to report any suspected or identified child abuse to Department of Human Services (DHS). Head Start staff will support families who have an involvement with DHS and will preserve absolute confidentiality of all records pertaining to a report in accordance with state law.