Transition In/Out Early Head Start 

Transition Into the EHS Program - The ERSEA, Family Service Worker, Education Center Coordinator and Center staff ensures children and parents have a smooth transition in delivery of services as the children move in and out of the PCI Early Head Start and Head Start Programs. We encourage families to be involved in their children's learning and development and to support the lifelong success of their child. When a child is transitioning into the Early Head Start program, the parent is given an orientation of the program requirements. Parents are invited to spend the day at one of the Early Head Start sites to observe what a typical day entails. A briefing conference is held with Parent, Teacher, Family Service Worker and Education Center Coordinator.  Parents receive brochures and pamphlets about the program. 

Transitioning Out of EHS Program - Six months prior to the child’s third birthday, the Education Center Coordinator and Family Service Worker meets with the parents to develop a transition plan to have the child enrolled into either a Head Start Program (if slots are available) or other educational program that has available slots.  A checklist with specific steps for transitioning is reviewed with the parent and used as a guide for the program to ensure adherence to the process.  The Family Service Worker assists parents in completing the application process for transitioning their child into the Head Start Program or a program of their choice. Parents are encouraged to take the child to visit the new center thirty days prior to exiting the EHS. In order to provide continuity of care, the Family Service Worker will serve as the contact between the parent and the Education Center Coordinator of the new Head Start placement.