Early Head Start - Child Care Partnership

In January of 2014, Congress appropriated $500,000,000 to expand the number and quality of early learning slots for infants and toddlers through Early Head Start - Child Care Partnerships (EHS-CCP) grants or new Early Head Start grants. The EHS-CCP is a new competitive grant awarded to PCI in order to support the partnering of Early Head Start programs with child care providers. Under this EHS-CCP grant, PCI will partner with regulated center-based or family child care providers who agree to meet the Head Start Program Performance Standards. The resulting partnerships will allow programs to leverage their funds to provide more high quality early learning slots in their community.

The Basics

The President's Initiative calls for an expansion of high quality early learning opportunities for young infants and toddlers in poverty. With funds designated in the Appropriations Act of 2014, the Administration awarded PCI a grant because PCI demonstrated their current capacity to be a high-quality Early Head Start program that partners with existing regulated child care centers.

The grant will allow PCI and their childcare counterparts to leverage their funds to provide high quality, comprehensive early learning experiences to more infants and toddlers. Each partner will use funds directly as well as partner on activities such as training & technical assistance, management, and the delivery of comprehensive services. Many of Early Head Start comprehensive services, such as parent engagement activities, governance, management of advisory committees, or professional development training, may be provided through a central hub, if a grantee identifies this approach as appropriate to fit the community's needs.

The Parent/Child Incorporated Child Care Partners:

Bailey's Babies Child Care Learning Center

          13777 Judson Road #101 - San Antonio, TX 78233

Madonna Neighborhood Center

1906 Castroville Road - San Antonio 78237

Education Center Coordinator: Roger Caballero/Terry Lopez

World of Knowledge Early Learning Center

143 NW 36th Street - Suite 2001 - San Antonio, TX 78237

Education Center Coordinator: Christina Reyna/Crystal Valdez