PCI's Early Head Start Program provides a full range of quality, comprehensive services to Infants and Toddlers from birth through 36 months of age and pregnant teens. Expectant and parenting teens are involved in parenting skills classes, meal planning and preparation classes, volunteering in the Early Head Start Centers, and receive hands-on experiences in infant care, as well as, prenatal and postnatal care. Once a child reaches 36 months, the child transitions into a program of the parents choosing.


The Early Head Start Program provides a full range of quality; comprehensive early childhood educational services to Infants & Toddlers. PCI classrooms are joyful, dynamic, educational environments where children can safely learn and play their days away. In support of Early Head Start parents as the prime educators of their children, PCI provides parents the opportunity to increase their knowledge of child growth and development, to learn additional parenting skills and how to work effectively with their children at home.

Education Services:

Services provided in six (8) Early Head Start Centers:

Full day services
Year round setting
Skills identified through ongoing classroom assessments
Educational field trips
Teacher home visits in Fall/Spring
Parent conferences in Fall/Spring
Family volunteering in the classroom encouraged.

Any inquiries into our Education Services should be directed to Ms. Lydia Almares. She can be reached at 210-226-6232 or by email at lalmares@pcitx.com

Transition Services:

Transition Services provides valuable support services to children and their families as they move from one educational setting to another. Transition Services oversees the transitioning of children and families from home to Early Head Start, from Early Head Start to Head Start, and from Head Start to public or private school. Transition Services has an active Advisory Committee that meets three times each school year. This committee consists of school representatives, parents, community partners, Head Start and Early Head Start staff in which guidance is given to plan and implement transitional activities for children and their families.

Transition Services include the following:

  • Parent Workshops
  • Information on school registration and open house
  • Home Campus Field Trips
  • Transition Planning Parent Conference
  • Extensive Transition Portfolio provided
  • Assistance at school meetings with teachers/counselors
  • Transfer of children's records
  • Special collaborations ensure proper placement of special needs children.

Any inquiries into our Transition Services should be directed to Parent/Child Incorporated's Early Head Start Coordinator, Mrs. Mary Doxie. She can be reached at 210-226-6232 or by email at mdoxie@pcitx.com

Health Services:

Because PCI believes that children must be healthy and at their best in order to learn, our program pays particular attention to the health of our children and families. PCI's multi-disciplinary team of private and community professionals utilizes a unique approach to providing quality health services.
Understanding that access to affordable health care is a major problem for many families and children in our community, PCI's Health Services staff work diligently to help families establish a medical home where they will have access to quality health care at all times.

Health Services include the following:

  • Physical and dental exams
  • Vision and hearing screenings
  • Behavioral screenings
  • Nutrition and growth assessments
  • Referrals, follow-up and/or treatment provided for health issues identified through exams and screenings.
  • Health and safety education provided by Health Specialists to staff, parents and children.
  • Immunizations tracked and referrals provided when needed.

Any inquiries into our Health Services should be directed to Parent/Child Incorporated's Program Assistant for All Health Services, Mrs. Birdie McVea. She can be reached at 210-475-5141 or by email at bmcvea@pcitx.com

Mental Health

Parent/Child Incorporated implements a comprehensive Mental Health delivery system that includes the enrolled child, family members and staff. PCI collaborates with parents and professional consultants to identify mental health concerns. Individual services, such as counseling, parent education and referrals are provided to families with children of various special needs. PCI strongly believes that parental participation is critical in meeting the special needs of their children and family as a whole.

Mental Health Services include the following:

  • Classroom observations
  • Social/behavioral assessments
  • Individual/group sessions for children
  • Parent/staff /consultant conferences
  • Parent/staff training
  • Parent support groups
  • Individual/family counseling through our Health Consultants

Special Services

Serving families and children with special needs is an on-going priority for Parent/Child incorporated. PCI integrates children with special needs into a stimulating mainstream environment, where they receive the full range of quality comprehensive Early Head Start services. Children with special needs are identified through evaluations/assessments and enrolled by utilizing a multidisciplinary team approach that consists of the child's parent, agency staff and community professional consultants such as speech therapists, physical therapists, occupational therapists, psychologists, child psychiatrists, school district personnel, and Early Childhood Intervention Programs.

Special Services include the following:

Individualized Education Plan (IEP) designed for special needs children.
Individualized Family Service Plan (IFSP) created to support family goals.
Special needs identified through ongoing evaluations/assessments.
Regular progress reports for parents describing therapy and progress made.
Multidisciplinary team approach used to monitor each child's status.
All services are kept strictly confidential.
Professional therapists evaluate all referred children and organize and conduct all medically prescribed therapy programs.

  • Physical Therapy
  • Occupational Therapy
  • Speech Language Therapy

Any inquiries into our Special Services should be directed to Mrs. Birdie McVea. She can be reached at 210-475-5141 or by email at bmcvea@pcitx.com

All services are kept strictly confidential. Any inquiries into our Mental Health Services should be directed to Mrs. Birdie McVea. She can be reached at 210-475-5140 or by email at bmcvea@pcitx.com

Nutrition Services:

Parent/Child Inc. recognizes that the lack of proper nutrition is a problem that affects many families and children in our community. PCI's Center Nutrition Program provides nutritious hot meals and snacks to children enrolled in PCI's Early Head Start Centers each day, so that they may be at their best, learning and performing to their full potential. To help build strong and healthy families, our Registered Dietician offers different educational nutrition programs, which include the following:

  • Nutritious hot meals and snacks served to enrolled children each day.
  • Registered Dietician prepared nutritional assessments for each enrolled child.
  • Menus that meet two-thirds of child's RDA daily requirements.
  • Special diets planned and served as needed.
  • Nutrition, education and training classes for families, staff, and children.
  • Counseling resources for families whose children are at nutritional risk
  • Referrals to community resources for food stamps and other nutrition services.

Any inquiries regarding Nutrition Services should be directed to Parent/Child Incorporated's Director of Nutrition, Ms. Monica Middleton, at 210-590-1960, or by email at mmiddleton@pcitx.com This e-mail address is being protected from spambots.

Family Literacy:

Parent/Child Incorporated strives to provide parents with necessary information and skills to become active and effective participants in their child's educational development, the workplace and the community. PCI provides family members assistance to improve their own reading and writing skills, and to obtain their GED.

Literacy Services:

  • Day and evening Agency sponsored GED preparation classes.
  • Agency sponsors Early Head Start parents for GED testing fees.
  • English as second language classes.
  • Family education counseling.
  • Referrals to community literacy programs.
  • Assistance with acquiring free or low-cost books.
  • Any inquiries into our family literacy services should be directed to Ms. Lydia Almares. She can be reached at 210-226-6232 or by email at lalmares@pcitx.com

Family Services:

PCI's Family Services staff help strengthen families by assisting them in setting goals and planning for the future. PCI provides referrals to community assistance agencies for those with immediate needs in the areas of literacy, unemployment, family counseling, and substance abuse issues. Through its variety of services for family members, PCI's holistic approach aims to strengthen each family's capacity to be the primary nurturer and educator of its children.

Family Services include the following:

  • Emergency assistance and/or crisis intervention
  • Referrals for assistance for critical family needs
  • Home Visits to identify family needs.
  • Ongoing Family Needs Assessments.
  • Family Partnership Agreements to help meet family goals.
  • Support groups for males/single parents/grandparents
  • Information on community resources
  • Complete confidentiality of family records

Any inquiries into our Family Services should be directed to Ms. Lydia Almares. She can be reached at 210-226-62328 or by email at lalmares@pcitx.com

Parent Involvement:

Parent/Child Incorporated supports our parents as their child's first teacher. PCI houses Parent Centers and sponsors activities, workshops and trainings throughout the school year for parent/legal guardians, family members, community members, and staff at diverse venues and on a variety of topics. As parents, we believe that participation and involvement in our children's lives is our greatest investment and gift to them.

Parent Involvement Opportunities:

  • Participation in Center and Agency Committee activities.
  • Direct involvement in decision-making and program planning.
  • Fatherhood Initiative workshops and meetings.
  • Cooking, sewing, computer and parenting classes.
  • Legal Aid information.
  • Professional counseling.
  • Federal Income Tax preparation assistance.
  • Parent Involvement
  • Great Opportunities for Families!
  • Precious Minds New Connections
  • Great program for the entire family sponsored by Mexican American Unity Council (MAUC).
  • FREE meals and child care at every class.

Meet with other families to discuss: self-awareness and self-worth, child development, understanding discipline, rewards, punishment and praise, spoiling your children, and empathy.

This is a great program for families. Hope many can take advantage of this opportunity. To register, please contact (210) 978-0513 or (210) 978-0519.

Brighton School sponsors a special Precious Minds New Connection program specifically for families with children with special needs. For more information on this program, please call (210) 826-4492.

Any inquiries regarding parent involvement should be directed to Mrs. Debra Bedoy, at 210-475-5006, or by email at dbedoy@pcitx.com This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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Gran oportunidades para familias!

Gran programa para toda la familia patrocinado por Mexican American Unity Council (MAUC).
Vale de Supermercado de $20, Alimento para su familia y servicio de guardería GRATUITO.

Conozca otras familias y aprenda sobre: La conciencia de si mismo y el amor propio, el desarrollo del los hijos, disciplina, premios, castigos y el elogio, los hijos consentidos, y la empatia.

Este es un gran programa para las familias. Esperamos que muchos puedan aprovechar de esta oportunidad. Para mas información, llame al (210) 978-0513 o al (210) 978-0519.

La escuela de Brighton patrocina un programa de Precious Minds New Connections especialmente para familias con niños con necesidades especiales, para mas información de este programa llame al (210) 826-4492.


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