The PCI Head Start/ Early Head Start Program currently serve a total of 604 children 3 & 4 year old Head Start slots & 128 infant, toddler and pregnant women Early Head Start slots) throughout San Antonio and Bexar County in areas designated by the Federal Government. Enrollment in the PCI’s programs is limited to the 604 slots allotted. Registration does not ensure that the child will be enrolled. PCI’s Head Start and Early Head Start Programs are funded by the Administration for Child and Families, Department of Health and Human Services. All eligibility criteria are compliant with the funding source. Parents will be asked questions.

Parents will be required to provide documents regarding income, school and training, work status, and family situation in order to verify the need for the services. A systematic selection process is used to review all applications for Head Start/Early Head Start services and to identify those children and families that are to be enrolled in the program. The enrollment process requires the parent’s full cooperation, in order to properly enroll his/her children. Selection of the children to be enrolled is made using age, income, children's disabilities, and family needs/situation as outlined in the enrollment criteria. Those children who are not selected for immediate enrollment are placed on a wait list, and parents are notified of their child's status. Withdrawal from the Program - Parents are responsible for understanding and abiding by all PCI regulations. Termination of services (withdrawal of children from services) may result if:

  • A parent/guardian provides false information or withholds information regarding:
  • Their child’s age
  • The family’s income
  • Their employment/training/school, or
  • Residency in the Service Area for Early Head Start/Head Start. Please consult with the Education Center Coordinator for identification of the Service Area.
  • A child has continuous poor attendance (See Attendance);
  • A violation of the Agency’s Zero Tolerance policy with regards to Acts or Threats of Violence.

Transfers - PCI has a procedure in place to transfer a child from one center to another. A Transfer Request Form must be completed and signed by the Education Center Coordinator, Family Service Worker and parent/guardian. The parent/guardian will have to submit proof of new residency (CPS or water bill, etc.). The ERSEA/Family Community Specialist will review and approve or disapprove transfer. The child may be admitted into another center or placed on the wait list at the requested center. Admission to another center is dependent on whether there is a vacancy at the requested center. It is very important that the parents/guardians provide PCI with current information at all times. It is the parents’/guardians’ responsibility to inform the Center staff of any change of address, telephone number, emergency telephone number, work/training status, family size and income, etc. Information will be requested on a quarterly basis to update families’ status.


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