Parent/Child, Incorporated, most often referred to as PCI, is a non-profit family oriented Human Service Agency. PCI offers several options for children that include, Early Head Start, Head Start, Early Head Start/Child Care Partnership and in the Licensed Child Day Care Homes program. PCI's extensive CACFP program, serve Early Head Start, Head Start, and unaffiliated child care centers. We’re very proud of the many programs we offer to our children and families in San Antonio and Bexar County.

PCI is a great place to work, to learn how to support your child in their early years and to send your child for a quality program. With 23 Early Head Start/Head Start locations collectively in Bexar County, PCI offers a quality Early Childhood education program. Education, health, mental health, nutrition, infant/toddler, disabilities, family support, job training, and professional development, literacy training, parent involvement, transition, wellness, and substance abuse education are just some of the many services provided. Parent/Child Incorporated receives CDBG funding through Bexar County. When you hear about PCI, we want you to know who we are, what we do and why we exist. We’re confident once you see all the quality things we do for our children and families, you would partner with us.

Working as a partner for the quality services we provide for our children and families is our Board of Directors, PCI Policy Council, and the Early Head Start/Head Start Center Parent Committees. We also have many business partners who act as volunteers that underscore the support of PCI. 

PCI children are provided quality comprehensive services through the expertise of highly trained staff and educators. In fact, PCI is highly recognized for its model program, quality services, committed staff and willingness to go that extra mile to prepare our children and families for tomorrow. We invite you to support PCI and encourage you to become a partner in the effort to close the gap in educational preparedness and readiness. Parental Involvement and volunteer services are just a couple of ways to become more involved in the lives of our children. There's no better way to help further a child's education than to partner with PCI.

Thank you for learning about PCI – Where we’re "Growing San Antonio's Tomorrow… Today!"