Dr. Sharon Small

Greetings and Welcome to Parent/Child Incorporated where PCI is building connections for our children, families, staff and community!

Parent/Child, Inc. maintains the mission-focused philosophy of providing quality early childhood developmental services and education. We also empower our children and families to become caring, competent, responsible citizens who value education and the community. I am extremely proud to help promote this mission as your CEO. With the nonprofit environment changing rapidly and budget issues increasingly the focus of discussion around the board table, and with the challenges facing those seeking advancement in our society increasing every day, our organization has dedicated many hours to increasing the prominence of accountability. PCI’s most valuable asset is its dedicated staff, families and community.

We fully recognize their integrity, industriousness, and professionalism. Our board of directors and staff are dedicated to creating the most efficient, accountable organization possible and to establish a sustainable impact in the community. This hard work benefits PCI, and more important, those who we are privileged to serve – our children and families. While many in the PCI community live in environments void of poverty, each of us is still touched and confronted by poverty. Many see poverty daily with the homeless and avert their eyes when confronted on the sidewalk by someone hungry and asking for change. These individual “inactions” when confronted with poverty makes the effort of PCI even more important… PCI takes action. PCI makes a difference in the lives of our most vulnerable– our children. When we touch our children, we touch families thus touching the San Antonio community.


The mission of Parent/Child Incorporated is to provide high-quality early childhood developmental and educational services in order to empower our children and their families to become responsible citizens who value education and community.


Our vision is to provide the best quality child development program for all eligible children using the Head Start / Early Head Start Model which enables families, children, and staff to be empowered by creating a caring, safe and healthy environment that encourages learning and wellness.


We believe that to deliver services that change lives we must remain constantly focused on the following values:

  • Excellence: setting levels of performance that go beyond the performance standards, that constantly challenge every employee in the agency to step up to the next level.
  • Teamwork: the needs our families demand that staff work together across disciplines and cultural differences.
  • Respect: we will nurture the self-esteem and dignity of the Head Start/Early Head Start children and parents.
  • Diversity: we must not only respect differences but also value them for their power to create a stronger and more effective program.
  • Integrity: creates an atmosphere of trust where people can expect to be treated fairly.
  • Courage: the ability to embrace change, to step out of our comfort zones and to grow both personally and professionally.


Dr. Sharon Small
CEO Parent/Child, Inc.