Parents should consider enrolling their children at Parent/Child Incorporated (PCI) if they seek a comprehensive and supportive early childhood education program. PCI recognizes that parents play a vital role in their child's growth and development and actively involve them in various program aspects. PCI offers parent education workshops, support groups, and resources to empower parents and equip them with the necessary knowledge and skills to support their child's learning at home. Moreover, PCI provides a nurturing and inclusive environment where children can thrive. The program incorporates research-based early childhood practices and offers a developmentally appropriate curriculum focusing on social, emotional, cognitive, and physical development. Highly qualified and experienced teachers facilitate learning through engaging activities, play, and exploration, fostering a love for learning in young children. PCI also values the importance of community and provides opportunities for families to connect. Through family events, outings, and networking sessions, parents can build a support system and create lasting relationships with other families in the program. This sense of community can be invaluable in navigating the joys and challenges of parenting. Additionally, PCI prioritizes the safety and well-being of children. The program follows strict safety protocols and maintains a clean and child-friendly environment. Staff members undergo background checks, receive training in child protection, and follow appropriate guidelines for health and hygiene.

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To determine eligibility for our services, we kindly ask parents to provide documentation regarding their income, school and training, work status, and family situation. Our goal is to ensure that the families who genuinely need our Head Start/Early Head Start services are enrolled. The enrollment process requires the full cooperation of parents to register their children properly.
We carefully review all applications using a systematic selection process, considering age, income, children's disabilities, and family needs/situations as outlined in our enrollment criteria. If your child is not selected for immediate enrollment, their name is on a waitlist. We will notify you of your child's status.

Parents need to understand and comply with all PCI regulations. Providing false information or withholding information regarding their child's age, family's income, employment/training/school, or residency in the Service Area may result in termination of services. Continuous poor attendance or violating our Zero Tolerance policy regarding acts or threats of violence may also lead to termination.

If you want to check if your child qualifies for Parent/Child Incorporated's services, please click the link below to access the English Application.

English Application

We have a procedure for transferring a child from one center to another. To initiate a transfer, a Transfer Request Form must be completed and signed by the Education Center Coordinator, Family Service Worker, and parent/guardian. Proof of new residency (such as a CPS or water bill) will also be required. The ERSEA/Family Community Specialist will review and approve or disapprove the transfer. Depending on availability, the child may be admitted to another center or placed on the wait list at the requested center. Parents/guardians must always provide PCI with current information, including any changes in address, telephone number, emergency contact, work/training status, family size, income, and more. We will request updated information quarterly to ensure accurate records.


A los padres se les requerirá que provean documentos acerca de sus ingresos, de su escuela, entrenamientos, estatus de trabajo, y situación familiar como manera de verifica la necesidad de los servicios. Se usa un proceso de selección sistemático para revisar todas las solicitudes para el programa Head Start/Early Head Start e identificar a los niños y familias que van a estar inscritos en el programa. El proceso requiere de la cooperación completa del padre para inscribir al niño correctamente. La selección para inscribir a los niños se hace basada en la edad, ingresos, discapacidades en el niño, y necesidades/situaciones de la familia. Todos los niños que no sean elegidos para la inscripción inmediata se les ponen en la lista de espera, se les notifica a los padres del estatus de su niño. Sacar al niño del programa – Los Padres son responsables de entender y obedecer todas las regulaciones de PCI. Terminación del servicio (Terminar los servicios para el niño) puede ser el resultado de lo siguiente:

  • El padres/guardián provee información falsa o retiene información:
  • La edad del niño
  • El ingreso de la familia
  • Trabajo, escuela o entrenamientos
  • Residencia en el área de servicio para Early Head Start/Head Start. Por favor consulte con la directora, trabajadora social para identificar el área de servicio.
  • Si el nino No asiste con regularidad a la escuela (Vea asistencia);
  • La violación de la póliza de Zero Tolerancia acerca de los actos de amenaza de violencia.


Transferencias- PCI tiene un proceso para transferir al niño de un centro a otro. Se requiere una forma de transferencia que debe ser llenada y firmada por la directora, trabajadora social y el padre/guardián. El padre/guardián tendrá que proveer una prueba de su nueva residencia (Dirección) (Recibo del agua o de Luz). La especialista de ERSEA/Comunidad familiar revisara y aprobara o desaprobara la transferencia. El niño será admitido o puesto en la lista de espera del otro centro. La admisión al otro centro dependerá si hay alguna vacante en el centro solicitado. Es muy importante que el padre/guardián provea información actualizada. Es responsabilidad del padre/ guardián de informar al personal del centro de cualquier cambio de dirección, numero de teléfono, teléfonos de emergencia, estatus de trabajo o entrenamiento, tamaño de la familia e ingresos. etc. La información será requerida trimensual para mantener la información de la familia al corriente.