baby exam

Health Services:


All children require a primary care provider to ensure ongoing healthcare. If your child does not have a regular source of healthcare, we can assist you in accessing resources, including providing a list of doctors and information about Medicaid services.

A current physical examination by a licensed physician, per the Texas Health Steps Medical Periodicity Schedule, Per Health and Human Services (Licensing) within one week after the date of admission. For enrollment purposes, preschool well-child check-ups performed within one year before the date of school entry are acceptable. Medicaid insurance covers one physical exam per year. Medication administration is monitored and supervised as per MD orders. Daily health observations are conducted to prevent the spread of infection, and any child with symptoms of illness will not be allowed to remain in the center. 

A physical exam should include:

- Health exam history
- Height and weight
- Blood pressure
- Immunizations
- Vision and hearing screening
- Laboratory tests, including lead screening or hemoglobin.

If your child had a lead screening at 12 and 24 months, please provide a copy of the latest lead results. If not, a lead screening must be done between 36 and 72 months (3-6 years old). Only one lead screening is required, not one every year.

For infants and toddlers entering Early Head Start, a physical examination, including a lead screening, is required at enrollment, closest to the child's current age per the well-child schedule. A TB screening at age 12 months may also be necessary. Lead testing is for 1-year-old children for EHS.

A current dental examination from a licensed dentist is also required within 90 days of entry into the program. Good oral health for children is essential for their overall growth and development, and we can assist in identifying a dental home or a local dentist that serves children. Tooth-brushing activities are also monitored and supervised.

Parents must complete and sign a "Pick-up Authorization & Emergency Contact/Information" form during enrollment. Emergency contact information should always be updated to ensure notification can be made if children become ill.

In case of accidents or injuries, an Incident/Illness report form will be completed, and a copy will be given to the parent. 

Our health services include physical, dental, vision, and hearing screenings, immunization tracking, behavioral screenings, nutrition and growth assessments, and health and safety education. We pay particular attention to the health of our children and families and provide referrals, follow-up, and treatment for health issues identified through screenings.