Explore Volunteer Opportunities at Parent/Child Incorporated

Parents and community volunteers have become the backbone of Parent/Child Incorporated. Parents who volunteer are directly involved in their child's development and have direct involvement in decision making and planning through participation in the Parent Center Committee and Policy Council. Community volunteers contribute valuable services, provide health-screening services, counseling services, and a wide variety of assistance to families in need of clothing, housing, employment training, and literacy services.

Volunteer In Kitchen:

  • Assist with Breakfast, Snacks or Lunch
  • Assist with the cleaning of the kitchen
  • Assist Teachers with the cleaning of the tables

Volunteer In Classroom:

  • Assist with reading to the children
  • Assist with helping the children keep up their Hygiene
  • Assist with caring for the children on the playground.

Volunteer with Clinics and Field Trips:

  • Assist the teachers during physicals or events.
  • Assisting with the supervision of the children

Volunteer with Washing, Cleaning, or Sewing:

  • Washing your child sheets
  • Cleaning the center office, kitchen, classroom/playground
  • Sewing sheets, blankets, or anything needed for your child or center's use

Volunteer with Making/Collecting Materials:

  • Collecting materials for your child's classroom project
  • Making items for your child's classroom project

Volunteer by assisting with other activities:

  • Assisted a parent by translating to staff or staff to parent
  • Read to the children
  • Mowing the center lawn
  • Helping with facility maintenance, such as the painting, mowing the center's lawn or washing our buses or vans.
Note: Volunteers must have a clear Criminal Record check and a negative TB questionnaire on file with the Education Center Coordinator and the Volunteer Services Department.  If you would like to volunteer please contact your Education Center Coordinator.