The Governing Body for Parent/Child Incorporated Head Start and Early Head Start of San Antonio and Bexar County area, has the fiscal and legal responsibility for the agency. It is currently comprised of 6 board members and several Policy Council Officers. Parent/Child Incorporated governing body is composed as follows:

(i) Not less than 1 member shall have a background and expertise in fiscal management or accounting.

(ii) Not less than 1 member shall have a background and expertise in early childhood education and development.

(iii) Not less than 1 member shall be a licensed attorney familiar with issues that come before the governing body.

(iv) Additional members shall--

(I) reflect the community to be served and include parents of children who are currently, or were formerly, enrolled in Head Start programs; and

(II) are selected for their expertise in education, business administration, or community affairs.

(v) Exceptions shall be made to the requirements of clauses (i) through (iv) for members of a governing body when those members oversee a public entity and are selected to their positions with the public entity by public election or political appointment.

(vi) If a person described in clause (i), (ii), or (iii) is not available to serve as a member of the governing body, the governing body shall use a consultant, or another individual with relevant expertise, with the qualifications described in that clause, who shall work directly with the governing body.

Parent/Child Incorporated is grateful to have expertise board members and advisory members reflecting the above criteria.