Child in class with glasses

Children’s daily attendance is crucial to their learning success and to meet the Federal guidelines. It is only by experiencing daily learning activities that the child will be fully prepared to enter into public school. It is very important for the child/children to be present at the  Early Learning Center every day and to also be brought on time. Therefore, our expectation and goal is to maintain a 96% Average Daily Attendance (ADA) for all children enrolled.

It is very important for the parent/guardian to contact the Education Center Coordinator or Family Service Worker each time the child will be absent or late. If a child is absent ten (10) consecutive days without contact or approval, the child’s slot may be declared vacant. Parents are required to sign a Family Partnership Agreement that states they agree to the following: Bring their child to the Early Learning Center every day, on time and pick up their child each afternoon, on time. If their child is absent, a note should be provided, and a telephone call made to the Education Center Coordinator or Family Service Worker indicating the reason for the absence. The reasons for absenteeism are recorded in the child’s file. If your child is unable to come to the center or you will be late in getting your child to his/her classroom, please call the center before or by 7:30 a.m.


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