Please be aware of the following procedures if we should have to close down the agency due to emergency conditions in the area. The CEO, Dr. Sharon Small, will decide on whether to close Parent/Child Incorporated. Dr. Small will follow the lead of local school districts, particularly the Northside Independent School District. When Dr. Small decides it is in the agency's best interest to close, the information will disseminate information to the agency's Executive Team. In return, the Head Start/Early Head Start Coordinator will pass along the closure information to the appropriate staff, including ECCs. The ECC's will then notify the center staff of the agency closure. Family service workers, as well as the teachers, will notify parents of the closure.

PCI will use the PCI notification system to inform parents and staff about the closure, as well as posting the agency closure information on its website at the following link and to the PCI Facebook and Twitter page. Please watch the local news beginning at 5:00 a.m. for notice of PCI closures (IF APPLICABLE).

If closure is deemed necessary, PCI will utilize makeup days. Parents are also encouraged to establish an emergency plan for their children if the Early Learning Centers close, start late, or dismissed early.