Parent/Child Incorporated's Head Start/ Early Head Start Program provides a full range of quality, comprehensive services to Infants and Toddlers from birth through 4-years of age, including expectant and pregnant teens. PCI offers parenting skills classes, meal planning, including hands-on experiences in infant care, and prenatal and postnatal care. 

The program provides children with activities that help them grow mentally, socially, emotionally, and physically. As parents, PCI staff recognizes that you are the first and most important teacher for your child. We welcome your involvement in Head Start/Early Head Start activities and work as a partner with you to help your child's progress. Head Start staff members offer your child care, acceptance, understanding, and the opportunity to learn and experience success. Head Start children learn to socialize with others, solve problems, improve their listening and speaking skills, and have other experiences, which help them become self-confident.

Your Head Start/Early Head Start child will also be screened and examined by skilled professionals for health problems, including arranging vision and hearing tests and needed immunizations. Head Start offers a nutrition assessment and dental referral and follow-up services. Disabilities and Mental Health services are available for children and families with special needs.

The Family Service Worker will regularly communicate with the parent or guardian and work together to identify and achieve goals and aspirations. The Family Service Worker will interact in the family's preferred language, and the information discussed will be kept confidential. The Family Service Workers will also refer families to appropriate agencies that assist in obtaining medical, social welfare, or employment opportunities. 

Parents and family members can participate in training on many subjects, such as job training, health and nutrition, and how to gain access to free resources in your community. Some parents learn the English language; while others learn to read. Head Start/Early Head Start also offers assistance to parents interested in obtaining a high school General Equivalency Diploma (GED) or other adult education opportunities. You can become a volunteer and learn more about child development. This experience may later qualify you for training, which can help you find employment in the childcare field. You can also have a voice in the Head Start program by serving on various committees.

PCI provides the following education services:

  • Full-day services
  • Year-round setting
  • Skills identified through ongoing classroom assessments
  • Educational field trips
  • Teacher home visits in Fall/Spring
  • Parent conferences in Fall/Spring
  • Family volunteering in the classroom encouraged.